Mini Magazine Feature Article

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the film, Mini Magazine wanted the official Italian Job Mini GPF146G as a feature car (June 2009)

Sir Michael Caine signs Minis

After years of research and working with Remy Julienne, both Remy and Sir Michael signs all three ! the ultimate seal of approval

Those Iconic Numberplates

The real facts and background to those iconic film number plates HMP729G, GPF146G and LGW809G... all following the original book details

40th Anniversary 1969-2009

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the film Mini Magazine asked if we would interview Remy Julienne to capture the process behind those iconic Mini Cooper film stunts.

The Official Launch

We had a great launch in conjunction with the British Mini Club, Mini Magazine and joined by the stunt genius Russ Swift who added a little more Italian Job fun, with his stunts.

Guests on the Chris Evans Show

In June 2011, we were the special guests on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. It was great fun talking to Chris, who is a huge fan of the original (1969) Italian Job film.

Building the Coopers

This has really been a B..I...G...BIG job, as Croker would say! Thanks to all of our great friends, without them this project would not been possible, thanks all !

Working with Remy Julienne

We owe a huge amount of thanks to Remy, this website is dedicated to him for his unlimited help in getting these Coopers 100% film perfect, thanks Remy.

Behind the Camera - Stunts

Having worked with Remy for years, here's a little behind the cameras information that made Remy a true film stunt genius.
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