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Italian Job Minis - The Italian Job Event

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One week to go ....

Stephen Irving (from  irvingart.co.uk)
This guy is superbly talented... and a nice guy to boot! Below are a selection of pictures of 'how it's made' for the Italian Job Mural.




Stephen sets out and plans the first location of one of the famous Cooper trio. The American Italian Job film poster graphic blends into the steps scene.




Our GPF146G stands proud above the river crossing scene. The Coopers passing through the tunnel and head towards the waiting VAL14 coach. Every lamppost along the sea front had its own Italian Job Mini plaque. Just around the corner the mafia stood watch!


July 2012

Saltburn hosted the Italian Job Event with classic Minis and air displays. The air displays included flypasts from Spitfires to more modern equivalents. The Brietling wing walkers also fly along the beach and looped the loop right in front of our Coopers !

We were stunned at the mural completed for our iconic Coopers by  Stephen Irving. It took Stephen just 1 week to complete.

The mural depicted all of the iconic scenes from the original 1969 movie. The steps scene and above the famous river crossing.






35,000 people visit the Italian Job Event




The major event on our 2012 calendar for 2012 was the ITALIAN JOB EVENT in Saltburn, Yorkshire.


The day was perfect with the crowds gathering early to give us a warm welcome as we navigated down the winding roads to the pier just like a scene out of the Italian Job!


Malcolm from the AA did us proud and delivered our iconic trio bang on time.


The crowds had already gathered to welcome us into Saltburn, a lovely warm welcome after a long drive. No coach this time, but Malcolm and Paul  from the AA were just the job! Well done guy's... and we didn't loose a Cooper over those cliff edges down to the pier !


Not long after we arrive....  the press..... interviews !   Lots of questions and discussions about the film. The crowds gathered to listen to the commentary. This was great fun, but didn't leave much time to give the iconic trio a little polish before they soaked up the seaside sun.



An incredible 35,000 people visited the event this summer, which included a full aircraft event with flyovers from Spitfires to the Brietling Wing Walkers... who gave us a wave as they flew by... absolutely amazing!








The local press were at the event early and asked about the event, the Coopers and the original 1969 film. All great fun and a test for film fanatics with those ... now how did they get the gold out of the coach at the end??
















Another fly by ... this time modern jets.






















The iconic Coopers HMP729G, GPF146G and LGW809G after a few spins around the carpark.


Not all of those skid marks were ours! .... quite a few were made by our friend Russ Swift who joined us at the event with his usual two wheeled stunts capers.














More filming after the driving and checking we had the driving shots 'in the bag' for the day...phew!



















  The icionic Coopers getting a bit of summer sun after a long day making money for Diabetes UK.



















What a fantastic event and we raised £1300 for Diabetes UK charity... thanks to everyone who attended and supported this great charity. It was a pleasure to be part of such a great event.

















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It's just incredible to see how many people visit our Italian Job Mini website. We've just past the 3 Million target and counting ! Rated No.1 for the real information, facts and figures about this iconic film.


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