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Filming with the legendary Brian Johnson




The Discovery Quest Channel Promo Video, with Brian driving a 458 Italia, this fantastic promo was designed and developed by 'Smoke and Mirrors' Studio in London.



It was huge fun to have the afternoon with Brian, to talk about our Italian Job Coopers and all things Italian Job. His knowledge of the film, stunts and cars was fantastic. We chatted for hours... and then had a drive in our cars.



Brian was really excited to drive our GPF146G and had great fun following the film car with the cameraman at the back! He then gave me the keys to his Ferrari 458 Italia .... this supercar was like driving a spaceship after being in my Cooper!



Talking to Brian about the film stunts and working with Remy Julienne, what a fantastic day... superb fun.




More filming in between playing in the Coopers and Ferrari's..... doesn't get any better.



Getting a quick run down on the controls of the 458 Italia before I took it out for a spin, what an absolutely fabulous car. It was truly amazing meeting Brian and having a fantastic afternoon talking about and playing in cars.... Mini Coopers and Ferrari's !..... Simply doesn't get any better.










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