About Us - The Self Preservation Society

The picture above is copyright of Paramount Pictures and was taken during the filming of the 'out of Turin' scenes set around the gangs Italian hideaway before doing the job! HMP729G can be seen to the left of the photo, LGW809G to the right foreground. GPF156G is just behind Mr. Croker (Sir Michael Caine).


About Us - David and Remy


Remy Julienne and David, enjoying the sun in Paris. Both wearing our Official Italian Job Minis baseball caps!
We. at Italianjobminis.com (the official Italian Job Minis) are forever indebted to the huge help and kindness of Remy Julienne. It is with his tireless help and assistance that our Coopers are without doubt 100% film perfect. Having been built with the assistance of the very man that gave us those fantastic film stunts in the original 1969 film.


Once again Remy ..... huge thanks !


David interviewed by MINI Magazine back in 2009 with GPF146G

What great fun..... the interview with MINI Magazine was to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Italian Job Film (1969) and meant that our GPF146G was the cover car for that month. See the sidebar for the cover picture of our GPF146G.



Just the Job ! -



Mini Magazine run a 9 month series following the build of GPF146G entitled 'Blowing the bloody doors off!'
We're sure Mr Bridger would have read the articles if he had a chance ! Below a small excerpt of the huge world wide coverage of our Coopers and those very famous number plates HMP729G, GPF146G and LGW809G.


Excerpts from Mini Magazine article on our own GPF146G.....
Looking fantastic in the tunnel, pity the gold bars are not in the boot....that would be nice.


GPF146G completed and in in natural context...
Photography for Mini Magazine in 2009.



GPF146G completed and in in natural context...
Photography for Mini Magazine in 2009.




There are now over 400,000 pages and articles on our famous purchase.... take a look on google.

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It's just incredible to see how many people visit our Italian Job Mini website. We've just past the 3 Million target and counting ! Rated No.1 for the real information, facts and figures about this iconic film.


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