Want to build your own homage to this iconic film, then we can supply you with the full 'Italian job kit' including  the iconic triple lamp bar (100% film correct thanks to Remy's help, sketches and first hand knowledge. We can also supply the roll cage (with single rear section onto the parcel shelf and, not forgetting the 'GB' badge for the boot (just in case you want to take a trip abroad in your mini... maybe to Turin?)




All of our Italian Job Mini homage kits have been developed with Remy Julienne, so they are the best possible quality and film perfect.

Each lamp bar is sold with a detailed instruction manual of how to fit the bars, align the lamps and wire up those iconic lights!


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It's just incredible to see how many people visit our Italian Job Mini website. We've just past the 3 Million target and counting ! Rated No.1 for the real information, facts and figures about this iconic film.


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