The only Italian Job Minis in the world to be legally registered with the iconic film number plates HMP729G, GPF146G & LGW809G

  • The only legally registered set in the world !
  • Officially recognised by Paramount Pictures
  • Legal owners of HMP,GPF and LGW
  • Signed by Sir Micheal Caine
  • Signed by Remy Julienne.

Built the the vast experience of the very man who gave us those fantastic chase scenes in the original 1969 film, our great friend Remy Julienne. Using all of the film build sheets and notes, 100% film perfect !

Those Iconic film registration numbers....
The registrations HMP729G, GPF146G and LGW809G are solely owned and the legal property of and These registration numbers can be seen on the original 1969 & 40th Anniversary publicity for this iconic film by Paramount Pictures and used on the original film cars. Check out the timeline of those iconic film registration numbers  [Click for the timeline]








The most famous film numberplates


Not a lot of people know that....

There are many Italian Job Mini replicas that pay homage to this iconic film. We know that there are now Italian Job Mini Sets in America, Denmark and around 20 individual Italian Job Minis in the UK. We know all of them, as we have manufactured and supplied Italian Job Mini kits for most of these. Our kits were designed and manufactured with the help of our great friend Remy Julienne, the stunt genius behind the minis in the Italian Job (1969). The numberplates are  owned solely by us, Our Official Minis have been legally registered with these iconic plates, and are therefore the only legally registered set in the world.



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HMP729G, along with GPF146G & LGW809G,

on show at the British Mini Club Event, raising money for charity



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